Nature is out to get me

lolbat, originally uploaded by Stevie-B.

Today I wish there was an emergency exit slide to inflate and slide down. Mainly it’s because I slept like crap and am tired.

I slept like crap and am tired, because some psycho bat got into our room somehow and proceeded to run over my pillow only seconds after my face vacated it because I realised that something was alive under my bed and scratching at the underside of the pillow.

I’ve never been so glad to be a light sleeper. I didn’t know bats couldn’t take off from a flat surface until I found this photo uploaded by Stevie-B on flickr while looking for a suitably terrifying bat photo. This info makes it seem less likely that the bat was rabid, so I feel less paranoid even though my doctor already said not to worry about it if I wasn’t bitten.

I am making Floof check the attic tonight, at the rate I’m going I’d get bum rushed by a pack of bats and fall down the stairs. I’ve already been attacked by a cicada flying into my hair this morning.


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