[Tuesday’s] 10: Lunch

I was feeling back to school, but not quite ready to do the typical back to school themes, so 10 incredibly awesome lunchbox related things it is.

1. This Enameled stacked lunch box from VivaTerra
stacked enamel lunch boxes

2. An adorable cat to watch over your lunch bag in the office fridge from WeOpenSecret

Lunch tag

3. Ninja Apple Cosy at natalya1905

photo of apple cosy in action

4. Retro Thermos Pair at GallivantingGirls. How do you pluralise Thermos anyway? Thermoses? That looks weird, like it should be a hertofore unknown Egyptian Pharoah of the old kingdom. King Thermoses the 2nd ruled over an era of peace, prosperity and Tomato Bisque.

photo of 2 cool plain thermoses

5. Why just cut the crusts off when you can do so much more? Dog and house bento food cutter from kawaiigoodies

photo of dog and house shaped sandwich cutter

6. I get too creeped out about the idea of the reusable fabric sandwich bags, but for snacks I can get behind this cute stegosaurus bag from HarrietsHaven.

stegosaurus fabric snack bag

7. cool vintage metal lunch box at vintagecottagegarden

vintage train design metal lunch box

8. Maybe you’re a little more pop-culture nostalgic. I know this Hardy Boys lunchbox (with the thermos even!) over at Anaspaceship would fit the bill.

hardy boys lunch box

9. I love the graphics on this bento set from natsuriku2007

cute bento set

10. I’m probably too lazy to make the super cute bento lunches seen on Adventures in Bento Making like the one below, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring those who do.

photo of a lunch from adventures in bento making site

And just for fun here’s a good link on inspiring yourself to take you lunch to work a little more often from Livehacker


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