Tuesday’s 10: Just 10 things I love this week

This week’s theme is either, no theme at all, or just 10 items on etsy I just really dig this week, (and maybe that’s a theme into my psyche for the week. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I heart things that I completely covet at the time and them a few months later I see when running through my favourites and wonder what drew me to it because it’s so out of my usual taste.)

1. Interspecies couple Bunny/Squirrel cake topper/figurine at Melabo.
photo of the cake topper
While this is meant to be a wedding cake topper, I just love this cute couple as a super interesting figuring for a display shelf.

2. Zombie Apocalypse Old Fashioned Glass at BreadandBadger.
photo of an old fashioned glass with etched zombie
So, yeah, it’s true zombies are sort of getting the kind of obnoxious over-exposure right now that kills their coolness, but I’m still a sucker for zombies. The zombie apocalypse glassware elevates the trendiness of the zombie with a bit of subtle elegance, that means they should last past the zombie backlash the way all those zombie dating guides never will.

3. ’30s-’40s style wide leg denim trousers from allureoriginalstyles.
photo of wide leg denim trousers
These are so Philadelphia Story, and they’re custom-made so you can have Katherine Hepburn style, even if you’re not the size 2 that most vintage finds seem to be in.

4. Vintage mushroom basket purse at smallearthvintage.
vintage basket purse with painted mushrooms
Nothing says summer to me more than wicker purses, but this adorable little basket purse is perfect for the transition into fall.

5. Herringbone iTouch case at Mariforsell.
herringbone iTouch case
My iTouch desperately needs a carrying case. I can never find the thing in my bag without a ridiculous search, and to plug-in my transmitter to listen to it in the car I have to take the bottom off the protective plastic case which I never remember to put back on rendering the likelihood of damage by dropping high. I think I’m definitely buying one of these sophisticated and sharp cases. If nothing else I’ll be able to find it in my handbag.

6. Morning Glory fabric flower necklace from RiRiFisch.
morning glory asymmetrical necklace
Even though most of my necklace collection seems to be vintage thermoset, I spend more time wistfully favouriting big asymmetrical statement necklaces. Perhaps it’s time to stop favouriting and start working on my jewelry collection again. I love how this is both a large statement piece and yet so light and unassuming.

7. Vintage Ceramic Owl Coffee Set at HinterlandVintage.
Owl coffee set
I have a well documented love of owls. In fact I’m surprised I haven’t done a Tuesday’s 10 about just owls. If I had a larger house or at least a larger kitchen this set would be mine already. I don’t even drink coffee, but the coffee owl would work just as well as a tea safe. Hmm perhaps I shouldn’t have said that, now I’ll be trying to convince myself I need it again.

8. Vintage 60s red, white and blue stripe dress at violetvillevintage
mod red white and blue striped dress
Violetville is one of my favourite shops to go and drool over amazing vintage clothes, both on etsy and her ebay store. Most of the time the pieces I adore are as usual way to small for me. This dress is no exception, amazing, but too small.

9. Vintage Mid-Century Egg Lamp with Tulip base at rhan.
mid-century egg lamp
Even though it wouldn’t work with my decor, this is one cool lamp. I’ve been on the lookout for the right lamps lately. I missed out on the most brilliant pair of ’60s teardrop pole lamps on craigslist the other week, which was crushing. I’m not even sure what the right lamps for my space will even be, especially since I still haven’t purchased any side tables yet, we’re still using tv trays as end tables, which I need to remedy, but I don’t want to buy more brand new furniture and it always takes so long to find the right things via craigslist and estate sales, especially when you don’t live in a metropolis.

10. Ice ENGEL topaz ring from JanetMillerDesigns.
ice ring
I almost never wear rings, my fingers are, I think, weirdly built, so even those which are sized so they’re slightly large going on cause blood flow constriction and swollen knuckles, but every so often I run into rings that make me re-think my stance on them. This is one of those rings. Seriously, I love the design of this, like jaggedy glaciers of silver. I don’t even think that I’d care that by the end of the day I’d never be able to get it off my knuckle or that I’d probably lose circulation.


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