Party all the time

I’ve been sick all week. Summer colds suck anyway, there’s just something about watering eyes and a runny nose and hacking cough that just seems even more unfair than usual when it’s Summer. Perhaps it’s that it’s bad enough enduring a cold without also having to endure the extra sweatyness of hot, humid, heatwave-filled days. My irritation at being sick was compounded by my need to clean up the house and cook for the brunch part of my karaoke and brunch birthday party weekend.

In the end my house was passable, but a little messy and  not really company perfect and my ambitious spread was whittled by half. I’m a classic over-producer when it comes to party food, it’s like I go into Martha Stewart explosion of turning any get-together into a restaurant menu of stuff I want to try out. So, for once, the left-overs to get rid of were modest and I didn’t feel like I needed to delude myself into keeping them in the fridge so as not to waste. (I just can’t do leftovers, there are a few exceptions that I do think are as good or. in the case of chili, better as leftovers, but in general, I’m just not in the mood to eat them again until it’s too late.) The karaoke was a blast, I did actually break out the MC Hammer, complete with the actual Hammer-dance that I threatened, and did not fall off the stage. (secretly I was emboldened by this awesome Japanese guy Takashi who was up earlier in the night and busted out an energetic Journey tune while wearing a sweatband and playing an inflatable guitar prop.) Brunch was also great and despite the dough for the sticky buns and marmalade rolls not rising at all, forcing me to discard them, otherwise no hitches.

What actually made it to the final menu? 2 Types of Stuffed French Toast: Mascarpone and cinnamon and Peanut Butter and Banana; The Amaretto and Pecan Baked French Toast casserole from Sweet Paul magazine; a Breakfast strata; Bacon-wrapped potato bites with spicy sour cream; Spicy Bloody Marys and a Strawberry balsamic soda.

Hopefully I’ll be over my cold soon, for, my nose is crumbling under pressure and my poor watering, dry scratchy eyes are making progress on creating the pattern for my next needlework project slow indeed. Plus I have anohter birthday party to attend on Friday. (After which I can finally show you the big secret project I was working on for the last couple weeks!)


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