Backyard Before, During, After

So, I’ve been yabbering on, at least on twitter, for it seems like ages about this backyard trellis project that keeps getting rained out.  Well, I can finally show you the before and afters, because I’ve finally finished it! I have more big plans for the backyard, but it feels so good to get the first big project out of the way.

photo of backyard before

Our backyard is small and cute and while I love the picket fence, I do not love the fact that not only does the neighbour’s yard just look straight at ours, but their land is higher in elevation, so it just seems invasive if we’re both outside at the same time. Especially if either one of us is entertaining. I like a nice quiet and private nook. This year I decided that a good way to tackle this problem would be to build trellises and then grow some pretty flowering vines on them. This way it screens our yars form each other a little bit and still looks charming and cottagey.

photo of unpainted trellis and no flowers

My dad is super into backyard landscaping, and has built some trellises, so I enlisted his help. He told me about these pre-built vinyl lattice sheets he’s been using because he’s tired of building them from scratch. So I bought 2 of those panels, 6 of the vinyl tracks, 8 -2x2s, 8 joist-hangers, 2 steel posts (which we decided would be easier to attach and nicer looking than rebar) and a box of screws. Floof came out to help so I couldn’t accuse him of being lazy, which ended up being good because he’s much taller than the rest of us, and he ended up being the one who had to hammer all the joist hangers inside out so they would work because the screw holes were in the wrong places once we got started. After they were up, there was another week or so of bad storms so they just stood there looking forlorn, but they stayed up, so I was happy anyway.

photo of finished trellis with plants and paint

This weekend it was finally sunny, so I bought a gallon of white paint and got to work. It’s really amazing how much just 2 coats of white paint can transform how something looks.  I also planted 4 Clematis varieties and added mulch. They probably won’t grow too much this year, but in a year or so I’ll have some pretty purple-bluey-white flowers growing on it.   And most important it makes the backyard more private and cosy.


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    shelby said,

    Love this. I’ve had plastic lattice bought for the past 3 months and a climbing rose waiting. This looks like what I want.

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