Tuesday’s 10: Walruses

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–”

This Tuesday a treasury of 10 awesome Walruses, Walri, Walruses found on Etsy.

1. wooden walrus rattle

How cool is this walrus rattle from VadimM? I think he looks like he’s got a lot of great stories about hanging out in the East Village.

2. Minor Headache Print
NoosedKity has a theory about the cause of your headache. Quite a nefarious walrus indeed!

3. handpainted illustration on recycled wood
Next up a hip graffiti inspired urban Walrus from mrz4u.

4. scholarly walrus embroidery
I love how random it is that this cute walrus from kngo is concerned about your academic future.

5.gnarwalrus illustration
I love gnarwhal’s and walruses so of course I love edisonrex’s Gnarwalrus illustration.

6. walrus pillow
I think I covet every pillow in utilitarianfranchise’s shop. Professor Walrus is no exception to this rule.

7. walrus pendant
The Walrus and the Oysters pendant from fairytalesbybluebird is super cute.

8.  Palrus softie
This Walrus softie, called Palrus, from smuttonsbuttons looks like the sort of chap who would like to go out and get some ice cream with you.

9. walrus propaganda
Sinister Walrus is sinister. At ObeyMyBrain I don’t know any Walruses who are so evil, but the print is pretty cool.

10. felted walrus
and last but not least, this adorable needle-felted Walrus named Warner is on sale at McBrideHouse.


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