Guinea Pig Monday: Lemon Marscarpone Cheesecake

lemon_marscarpone_cheesecake, originally uploaded by sockmonkeyrevolt.

It’s been raining everyday for at least a week, it seems like ages. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, it’s one of my favourite weather conditions, especially the torrential slightly dangerous rains that bring the promise of tornadoes (provided of course that they only bring the promise and not actually the tornadoes part.) There is something about the experience of standing outside in the greenish light of severe weather with the wind tearing around you and then suddenly stopping and everything goes eerie calm like all the sound has been sucked out of the world for a second before the rain starts pouring down and everything goes squid-ink purple. Some people don’t like that, but like my father I’m probably one step away from being one of those people up on the gas station roof with a 2×4 through their chests because they wanted to be a storm chaser.

What I don’t like is the humidity, and in between the morning downpour and the evening severe thunderstorm, the world has gone thick and heavy and everything wants to melt. Plus the walking trail I usually walk at lunch has been flooded out about every other day.

So what better way to fight the greys and the humidity than lemons? They are after all the most sunny, cheerful and refreshing fruit. I’m a sucker for anything lemon really. So much so that I even abandoned my peppermint gum only rule recently to add the Raspberry lemonade gum that orbit makes to the rotation. So I combed my long list of baked goods to try recipes for something lemony, and came across one that combined 2 of my favourite things, lemon and cheesecake! Surely it can’t get any better than that. (having had a piece I’m pretty sure it can’t.)

Cheesecakes are always one of those deserts for me that I always start out feeling like they’re going to take so much work, and then they never do and I’m asking myself at the end why I don’t make them more. And this cheesecake recipe, well it’s just the bees knees! Not only is it to die for tasty, but it did not fall victim to my frequent cheesecake problem of the center puffing up and then falling when cool and cracking. Even if I hadn’t put the lemon marscarpone layer on I could have served it without fretting over its somewhat sad aesthetics.

The other thing that made this recipe impervious to my other frequent cheesecake failure is that this has a really lovely shortbread crust, instead of the graham cracker crumb that I sometimes manage to make so dense it’s hard to cut through. I’m thinking that I’ve made enough cheesecakes that I might start to experiment at creating my own variations. This cheesecake is a total morale booster, you see, and you should make one. This particular miracle cheesecake recipe comes from Humble Pie, whichis a wonderful baking blog you should read if you haven’t before. It’s going over well here with my guinea pigs, there was only a quarter of it left by 10:30.


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