Tuesday’s 10: Abandoned

Today’s Tuesday’s 10 is all about abandoned places and things. 

Aesthetically I have a thing for decay: urban decay, rural decay, mall entropy, you name it I am drawn to it like a moth to a candle. I think the same thing that draws me to vintage items attracts me to decay.  There’s a story there, trapped in the spaces and items, waiting for someone to come along and imagine it or ferret it out. I think the story in vintage pieces tends to be happier perhaps, but abandoned places and mouldering locations have more mystery and potential. What made the people who left go? Why did they leave behind the items they did when they took the rest of their belongings? 

I have a strong streak of melancholy and so perhaps that’s also what draws me in. I’ve always loved going to the beach in mid-winter when it’s grey and weathered and empty, the off season amusement parks stretching up into the sky like giant multi-coloured dinosaurs at the museum. Sometimes I’m happiest being places that are totally abondoned and falling apart just imagining the stories of what might have been in their better days. 

1. West Park Hospital

photo of vaccuum cleaners in abandoned hospital

photo is copyright West Park hospital site

A beautifully photographed site detailing the hisotry and now decay of an historic hospital. Hospitals tend to be a goldmine for urban explorers and photographers. 

2. Abandoned Japan I don’t actually know the name of this site, or even if the kanji here is Japanese or other language, all I know is the site is amazing. 

photo of old carousel horses

photo copyright of linked site

This site is totally in what I think is Japanese, but could be Chinese or something else, so for me the pictures must tell the stories. There are multiple locations and tons of wonderful photos of different abandoned places here. 

3. Abandoned Places

photo from the cellar of Tour and Taxis wharehouse

photo copyright Henk van Rensbergen

 I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how much you need to spend some time exploring this site. It’s hands-down the best urban exploration photography gallery I’ve ever run across. The man who captures these places, which are all over Europe, is a pilot who goes exploring between flights so there’s a huge trove of fantastic photos, plus he talks about the history of the places as well. 


photo of abandoned machinery in Russia

 photo copyright Uryevich

 This site features multiple locations in Russia like this abadoned machinery in the countryside outside Moscow. 

5. Opacity 

photo of moldy tunnel in Norwich State Hospital

photo copyright site in above link

 A site featuring primarily US locations, focus is on the fantastic photos as well as the accounts of exploring the ruins and often the history. The above photo is from the Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut a place I’e visited for photoadvenure before I moved to the MidWest. (I was not so successful, due to nearly being caught by security) 

6. SleepyCity

photo of an abandoned metro station in Paris

photo is copyright Sleepy City .net

 Another excellent urban exploration site with multiple locations. 

7. Joseph Vavak

photo of abandoned gas pumps

photo copyright Joseph Vavak

My friend Joe is a really wonderful and talented photographer. One of his latest projects is 93 a series of 93 photos from the 93 counties in Nebraska. Not all of them are about decay and abandoned places, but to me they have the right tone. Even the abstracts feel like they have a secret hidden in them. 

8. Abandoned House Poster Size Print

photo of abandoned house

photo copyright etsy user kexbirdiesARTS

Wonderful large scale photo available from etsy seller kexbirdiesARTS 

9. Urban Decay Squad Group on Flickr 

High Quality urban abandoned buildings interiors. Sorry no picture, couldn’t find anything in the pool that wasn’t all rights reserved and since I’m linking the group instead of just the photographer, I figured that might not be kosher. 

10.  HolyLand, CT

photo of the crumbling model of Jerusalem

photo copyright Ray Bendici Damned CT

One of the creepiest places I’ve ever been urban exploring. A falling apart religious roadside attraction on a mountain in Western CT. You can see the neon cross from the highway (or at least you could, I heard the replaced it a few years ago with stainless steel)


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