Guinea Pig Mondays: Tuesday edition

earl grey brownies, originally uploaded by sockmonkeyrevolt.

Pretty much every week for a year (with exceptions for Monday holidays, ot of town trips or the week I moved) I baked a baking experiment on Sundays and brought it in to foist off on my co-workers. My boyfriend hates desserts (I know what is wrong with him? Who hates desserts? I always ate mine first just incase my mother’s cooking finally killed me. I love my mom and all, but burnt dry canned salmon burgers, well, I’m pretty sure those are outlawed by the Geneva Convention.) and no one in the office has yet complained about being offered baked goodies for free, just becasue it’s so I can try out a recipe or experiment and not have some giant cake I have to eat by myself.

It really has been year since I last brought in the experimental goods (I did bring in the obligatory St. Patty’s Day and Cinco De Mayo cupcakes, but they don’t count.) I’m not entirely sure what caused the hiatus, I’ve still been collecting recipes to try, primarily due to my obession with the foodporn site Tastespotting, but Sundays would roll around and I couldn’t bring myself to bake. Co-workers were sad faced on Mondays without their sugar, but the baking spirit didn’t come back. But, my litle squirrel friend threw a walnut at my head and chattered, ‘how do you expect to find the current and regain the breeze if you don’t go on any adventures?’ And, of course he was right, moping breeds moping and the adventure of baking breeds the desire to bake some more.

I decided to come back with brownies. Briwnies have always been a weakness of mine. For awhile a couple of years ago, I was afraid I might be pregnant because all I wanted to eat was brownies. I wasn’t, it just turned out that I was on a brownie kick fortunately (perhaps not fortunately for my waistline.) So I scoured through my list of baked goods recipes to try and decided on an Earl Grey Brownies recipe from The Boston Globe. I did make one tweak to the recipe after a comment on twitter asked if the brownies I was making had lavender honey frosting (they don’t) because I thought lavender sounded like quite a fine idea, so I added a couple of drops of lavender extract to the batter.

These brownies are amazing! A dense fudgey brownie that’s incredibly rich, but not super-sweet. It’s definitely hard to sit with them just down at the end of my desk and not eat a second one. Philsie the owl is quite taken with them.


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