Newly returned from the Sargasso Sea

I’ve relocated. I thought it only right. I used to blog quite a bit before I finished my degree, but ever since I’ve been on a sabbatical in the Sargasso Sea of Industry. It wasn’t very fun; full of harrowing sales-buzzword monsters and giant corporate squids and a workaholic narlwhal or 3.  I almost drowned, but luckily for me, I was rescued just in the nick of time by a resourceful little squirrel in a spiffy newspaper boat carefully rendered watertight with melted paraffin. He reminded me that every day can and should be an adventure-filled one, even if you’re not traveling the world with a self-taught polka orchestra; you just have to have the right outlook.

I tell him it was a bit easy for him to say, making sailing ships from the Times and training to become the first squirrel to complete the  Ninja Warrior course, he’s not spending his days wondering how a film and studio art degree turned into helping separate the fool and his money. “Ah,” the squirrel says, “I still spend most of my days peddling nut and nest insurance door to door  you see.” I did.

So, I’ve moved to a new blog address and I’m beginning my chronicles of my everyday adventures, because as my squirrelly protector says, it’s time to start working as hard, if not harder on the things which enrich me as I do on the ones that benefit mostly others and merely pay the bills.


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